Friday, January 29, 2016

Food Allergies with a Tween

Olivia turned 12 a few weeks ago and overnight she became a tween.

Mood swings. Attitude. Drama.
It's apparently a complete package as soon as they blow out their 12 candles on the nut-free cake.


Tonight is Olivia's first junior high dance. OK, it's being advertised as a "get together" for the 6th grade (and ONLY the 6th grade) but there will be a DJ so it's a dance.

Liv is going with two of her friends because THANKFULLY (as far as I am aware) boys are still gross at this point in time. OK, I'm hoping they're still gross. ;)

Last night she asked if she could "just" take her wristlet with her iPhone and some money to pay for admission to the "dance."

Honey, you need to take your EpiPens. 

But they aren't serving food. 

You need to take your EpiPens. 

Silence. And tears. Many, many tears.

And so it begins - the push back about the EpiPens.

Look I get it. There isn't going to be any food at the event but what if there IS? What if they have a concession stand open? You need to carry your EpiPens at all times when you go somewhere. I know it's not "cool" when you're 12 and want to be like all the other kids but you aren't like all the other kids. 

You're different. You have food allergies. And you need to carry your EpiPens. 

After the tears last night I tabled the discussion until this afternoon. I don't want to start down the path of not taking the EpiPens when she goes somewhere. It's not a good path to take.

Here's hoping reason will win out over "being cool."

Update: Olivia took her purse AND her EpiPens and all was well with the world. ;)